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The Instructor Voice

Worried about teaching with hands-on labs in your class or training program?

Instructor and educator Michael Kaplan of Phase2 Advantage shares his best practices to use Project Ares to teach and train in cybersecurity.

From adopting Project Ares, to aligning labs to curriculum, to cost management, to implementation, Michael provides practical perspectives on how to navigate and successfully use gamified, realistic labs to enrich cybersecurity education.

Adopting Project Ares in the Classroom

Concerned about adopting edtech tools into the classroom?

Embracing hands-on labs to teach cybersecurity is not a challenge with the Project Ares team by your side. From Instructor Services to textbooks to curriculum alignment, we do the heavy lifting for you! We're here to help you understand proven strategies to integrate labs into your curriculum so seamlessly that you may find it's truly the new way to empower students in their learning journies. 💪🏽

Benefits of Teaching with Project Ares

What are the benefits of using labs in cybersecurity education?

Turnkey teaching becomes achievable with Project Ares labs, which engage and ignite passion among students to learn cybersecurity. In turn, instructors are energized and encouraged to elevate their teaching pedagogy and subject matter in ways that best reflect their teaching objectives as well as the needs of their students looking to kickstart careers in cybersecurity. It's a win-win! 🙌🏼

Save Time Teaching

Do you need more time as an instructor?

Your time is valuable! When you have a program that's built-in to support your teaching needs (educational materials, study guides, labs, books), worries dissolve away using Project Ares. Teaching cybersecurity with these labs saves instructors a tremendous amount of time because of the features and support we provide such as the in-game advisor, structured learning paths, curriculum alignment and teaching assistant support services.

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