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Educate, Empower, Equip, and Encourage Instructors

Why choose us for your cyber labs? Project Ares is a global team dedicated to supporting academic and industry cybersecurity instructors by providing them with the tools, tips, techniques, and training exercises necessary to make teaching cybersecurity within reach for everyone.

Educate Through Best Practices

Project Ares’ team of educators, engineers, and growth experts have developed an accessible world-class offering with the purpose of enriching EdTech in the cyber community. This team has specifically chosen to work with cyber learning educators to

  • Strengthen class curriculum
  • Improve pedagogical methods
  • Elevate student engagement

Together, we aim to create an environment where people can develop to their fullest potential.

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Empowerment with Enhanced Tools and IT Environment

Our labs and IT environment were carefully thought out with educators in mind. Every detail was optimized with the goal of empowering you with enhanced tools so that you can continue your vision of developing valuable learning experiences.

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Equip Your Cyber Classroom for a Community of Learners

We know first-hand about the stress behind designing, planning, managing, and teaching a classroom alone. That’s why we’re equipping you with three levels of teaching assistant offerings so that you can focus on building a community of learners.

teaching assistant offerings for Project Ares

Encourage Progressive Development

Your investment in your students doesn’t go unnoticed. We see you. We hear you. Now, we want to encourage your mission in using EdTech to help cybersecurity students discover the best version of themselves.

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