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Bring the WOW factor
with Project Ares customized cyber labs

Elevate your cyber security solution sales, product adoption, and cyber workforce skilling workshops.

Gamified cyber learning cybersecurity education platform

Immersive | Realistic | Gamified
Bring Security Solutions to Life

Project Ares gaming elements with immersive cyber realism

Customized hands-on cyber labs engage workshop participants with your tools and solutions, and the tradecraft of cyber security.

SHOW more than tell
improves sales or training impact

Promote the essential value of your cyber security solution in real time.

Spice It Up
with leaderboards

Don't slow the workshop down with too much talk.

Engage everyone through friendly competition.

Help is available
No one gets stuck!

Built-in hints support every lab and task.

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Use Project Ares for immerse-and-learn cyber workshops.

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Let’s talk about how Project Ares can help intensify your cyber security sales and product training.

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