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Empower your teaching with our Instructor Services

Instructor Services Overview

Do you have a quiet worry or loud challenge when it comes to teaching a cybersecurity topic?

Project Ares is an award-winning platform of hands-on cyber security labs that enhance competency-based education. For practical experience that is as true-to-life as it gets, Project Ares labs include authentic security tools in immersive scenarios on a cyber range.

Build your teaching toolkit with Project Ares Instructor Services!

Establish a strong teaching pathway so your students can achieve career readiness goals. Whether you're a new instructor or tenured, save time and money while equipping your instructional delivery with these resources to make teaching cybersecurity within reach.

You Teach | We help you prepare

🤔 What cyber course are you teaching this term?

Add Project Ares cyber exercises to your syllabus for hands-on, cyber range labs.

Our Instructor Training services help reduce your time and effort to prepare to use the new exercises in your classroom.

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You Teach | We're your lab assistant

🧑‍🏫 Need a cybersecurity teaching assistant?

Add Project Ares cyber exercises to your syllabus for hands-on cyber range labs.

Our Training Assistant services include direct student interaction to use the Project Ares lab environment (and related tools) successfully.

We Teach

📚 Ready to jumpstart your cyber curriculum but need an instructor?

We teach these introductory courses with Project Ares labs:

• Incident Response
• Cyber Forensics

Packages include syllabus planning, instruction, student materials, and Project Ares cybersecurity labs.

We Teach & Certify Students

📄 Looking for a partner to take your students all the way to a cyber certification?

Our cyber education partner teaches and certifies for these roles:

• Cyber Incident • Response Manager • Network Forensic • Analysis Manager • Cybersecurity • Operations Manager

Package includes syllabus planning, instruction, student materials, Project Ares cybersecurity labs - PLUS a culminating certification exam.

Our instructor services complement Project Ares labs so teaching any cybersecurity topic becomes EASY, PRACTICAL, and ENJOYABLE for both instructor and student.

Talk to our experts to define your cyber education plan.

Not ready to customize a plan? See how easy it can be lesson planning with Project Ares scenarios using this Teaching Template.

Download Free Teaching Template(opens new window)
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