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Project Ares On-Demand LIVE Scenario Play - Battle Room 6: Linux Fundamentals

Capella University webinar

Chris Ellis, Project Ares training expert, will guide you through our foundational Linux Fundamentals scenario; showing you how easy it is to teach your cybersecurity students basic Linux topics in a controlled environment.

In this scenario, the learner conducts entry-level tasks in system administration, troubleshooting, and access control.

Project Ares comes with loads of features designed to equip you and your cyber students for success. These features include:

  • "Training plan" curriculums
  • Testing your students' knowledge
  • Teaching and training simultaneously
  • Built-in ways to encourage students to work together

Tracking student progress and setting goals

And more!

Find out how Project Ares takes the mystery out of cybersecurity skill-building to equip and empower your students to achieve their cyber-ninja goals.

About the Webinar:

In this session, a Project Ares training expert will guide you through our scenario, showing you how training your cybersecurity students on foundational Linux subjects can be done in a fun and engaging way; empowering & equipping them with fundamental experience required for any cyber professional in today's digital world.

Featured Speaker:

chris ellis project ares

Chris Ellis
Project Ares Training Expert

Attendees will learn:

  • How to teach cybersecurity students basic Linux commands in an engaging way
  • How to set up "training plan" curricula and encourage student collaboration
  • How to easily track student learning progress

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