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Cyber Training Done Right: Teaching Technical and Non-Technical Skills to Prepare the Future Workforce

cyber training done right dr chatterjee webinar

Topics Drs. Hayes and Chatterjee will address:

  • How can teachers foster a “we’re in it together”, commitment culture while teaching cyber?
  • How can teachers assess student’s abilities to prepare for threats?
  • What ought teachers provide students to instill disciplinary values as it pertains to the practice of cyber security?
  • How can trainers foster success factors to ensure future-proof preparedness in their organization?
  • How can trainers ensure the 6 success factors for discipline are actualized?
  • How can trainers gain buy-in from legal, tech, and business functional lanes to garner full participation in cyber readiness objectives?
  • Dr. Dave Chatterjee's Commitment-Preparedness-Discipline (CPD) framework for cybersecurity governance.


Brad Hayes Project Ares

Dr. Brad Hayes
Chief Technology Officer, Project Ares
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Colorado, Boulder
Director of Collaborative AI and Robotics Lab

Cybersecurity Readiness book is:

Scorecards provided in the book detail each cyber readiness characteristic for cyber trainers to assess readiness levels.

FOR THE CLASSROOM Case studies provide students with learnings of cyberattacks and breaches. Discussion questions are included to promote critical thinking.

Featured Speaker:

dr dave chatterjee

Dr. Dave Chatterjee
Associate Professor, MIS Department, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia; Visiting Professor, Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University

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