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Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis

Much more than James Bond or Sherlock Holmes

The British University in Dubai is offering a Certified Threat Intelligence Analysis Manager course in fall 2022.

Learn more in this live cyber chat webinar.
May 26th, 2022
6:00 PM UAE

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Certified Threat Intelligence Analysis

James Bond or Sherlock Holmes can shut down threats all on their own in a 2-hour movie. Great entertainment, but...

In reality, multiple analysts collaborate through precise investigation protocols over weeks and months to build decision advantage over an adversary’s intentions. Only then do they craft the action plan to preempt, prevent, frustrate, or disrupt those plans.

It may not be a Hollywood blockbuster, but threat intel analysis can be exciting…. and it is always challenging.

You can learn the tradecraft to be an intelligence analyst in your current company or a future job role.

  • Are you interested in learning to sift and synthesize, to interrogate and interpret?

  • Does it fascinate you to figure out mitigation solutions for potential cyber threat situations where no precedence exists?

  • Are you a cyber security practitioner today who is good at thinking like an adversary and solving complex puzzles?

Join this Cyber Chat webinar to learn more about the Threat Intelligence Analysis Manager course and certification offered through the British University in Dubai, Fall 2022.

Meet The Trainers

Michael Kaplan
Director of Operations

Dr. Cornelius Ncube
Associate Professor

Our trainers will discuss

Why the most powerful tool in an intelligence arsenal is the human mind.

How threat analysis complements other security disciplines.
What skills you can learn in the course offered by BUiD.
How you achieve the certification at the conclusion of the course.

Join this discussion on May 26.

Don't miss the detailed information you need to assess and register for the Threat Intelligence Analysis Manager course.

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