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Increase Cyber Skills with Gamification


How Gamification, Artificial Intelligence, and Reinforcement Learning Will Revolutionize Cyber Skill Acquisition

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Increase Cyber Skills with Gamification

Join Bradley Hayes, Project Ares Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder Engineering and Applied Science, to learn how you can leverage AI to enhance the cyber competency and abilities.

Where offensive, defensive and forensic security tools end, Bradley will share how human analysts can leverage AI agents to anticipate, mitigate, and prevent tomorrow’s threats.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why there is a need for continuous access to dynamic skill-building opportunities using AI and game mechanics
  • How cyber professionals can automate and augment their workloads using AI-powered collaborators
  • How reinforcement learning settings positively impact timely cyber reaction and response.
John Ballard

John Ballard

Account Executive

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