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6 ways cybersecurity teachers are using Project Ares like a gym

6 ways cybersecurity teachers use project ares

In this webinar, we’ll help you take the mystery out of skill-building and empower your students to achieve their cyber-ninja goals with Project Ares’ gamified cyber range.

Cait Frizzell, Training Consultant at Project Ares, will discuss

  • How to think of Project Ares cyber labs like a gym
  • How to get the most of your students' cybersecurity ‘workouts’
  • Develop a learning path that makes cybersecurity education approachable

Cait Frizzell, Training Consultant

What You’ll Learn:

  • Design a "training plan" curriculum
  • Test your students' knowledge
  • Teach and train simultaneously
  • Encourage students to work together
  • Track student progress and set goals

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