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Exploring Cyber Education: Project Ares LIVE Scenario Play Battle Room 9 [Webinar]

See how interested instructors got their hands on Project Ares, a gamified, realistic cybersecurity education platform.

On December 2, attendees were set up with a temporary Project Ares account to play the Digital Forensics cybersecurity lab in Project Ares. If you missed this webinar, you can watch on-demand now, and stay tuned for more hands-on opportunities with Project Ares Scenarios in the future.

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scenario based learning

Attendees challenged themselves with a live scenario

Attendees played Battle Room 9 - Forensics. In this session, they played with a Project Ares training expert who guided them through loads of features designed to equip them and their students for success.

webinar audience

Who should watch?

  • Cybersecurity educators researching ways to improve teaching pedagogy and curriculum.
  • Cybersecurity instructors looking for hands-on labs to support their programs
  • Team leads looking to train their cybersecurity practitioner teams.
specialty work roles

Learn how to teach and train on Cybersecurity Forensics

Understand how to set up "training plan" curricula, how to encourage student collaboration so they work together, and how to track student learning progress and set goals.

Trusted by educational programs everywhere.

Project Ares labs are used in the virtual and in-person classroom to augment course instruction.