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Living Our Mission: Project Ares Micro Update, March 2021

By Angela Shugarts • Posted over 1 year ago

User Experience
Product Update

On March 11, 2021, the Work Role Learning Paths will be removed from Project Ares along with the associated player Achievement Certificates and player/organization Assessment report. It is only the work role organization of the scenarios that are being removed.

We are taking this action to eliminate a user frustration point. Recent changes to the pricing of Project Ares scenarios have enabled customers to purchase smaller groupings of scenarios and that is very advantageous. However, it also means that the fabric of the work role paths has gaps in them for most current Project Ares users.

While work role paths are being sunset in the current version of the platform, this does not change the value that Project Ares learning` scenarios provide to help Instructors and Trainers assess skills and learning progression. Cyber Games (opens new window)Battle Rooms, Missions (opens new window) can still be used to evaluate the skills of learners and employees through game levels and scenario scoring, hint use, and successful completion. Also, the player Training Activity report for these metrics is still available.

Each and every scenario in Project Ares continues to provide learning benefits even as the ‘path’ concept is temporarily removed.

  • Practical and real-world application of knowledge
  • Proof-in-performance review provides measure of competency
  • Guided assistance through exercises that deepen learning
  • Automated adversary responses conserve Instructor/Trainer resources
  • Track individual knowledge and progress

With a vision of providing more flexibility and adaptability, Project Ares is evaluating how to provide the capability for Instructors and Trainers (opens new window) to organize learning paths that best fit their cyber education approach. As we rethink and redesign this type of feature, we are gathering input from

  • Higher education Instructors who integrate Project Ares into their course syllabi
  • Government cyber force Trainers who use Project Ares to meet their mission objectives
  • Enterprise cyber professional Trainers who use Project Ares to meet their staff development and retention goals.

Thank You to our customers who value the hands-on, project-based learning that Project Ares provides.

We work with several companies that teach structured cyber learning courses with Project Ares labs. Learn more here.

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