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Living our Mission: Project Ares Micro Update, December 2020

By Leeann Ryder • Posted over 1 year ago

User Experience
Product Update

It is distracting

To read and comprehend text and quiz questions that

Are formatted every which way.

That's why in this product update, we made legibility and design improvements to the Q&A Portal used in a selection of Project Ares scenarios (opens new window).

Designing questions and quizzes that truly gauge a learner’s retention (opens new window) and understanding of new knowledge is a skill. We are pretty good at doing that in cyber learning scenarios in Project Ares. The display of the question and answer on the screen is equally important for comprehension. Here we have improved the somewhat utilitarian design approach that was originally used in our Q&A Portal.

  • The portal is now styled to match Project Ares (opens new window) and keeps the player connected to the overall learning environment.
  • Information in the questions can be differentiated to improve readability and comprehension.

If you use Project Ares today, check out this improvement in the VNC remote terminal of Battle Room (opens new window) 8 and 9 or Mission (opens new window) 1, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 13.

If you haven’t experienced Project Ares cyber learning platform (opens new window) yet, check out the free demo version (opens new window) that is available on our website. You can play an introductory cybersecurity scenario, performing actions on a simulated secure shell terminal and virtual network remote desktop.

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