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Kickstarting a Cyber Career

By Ray Bardus • Posted about 2 years ago


To celebrate National Cyber Security Career Awareness Month in November, we’re highlighting the many ways that aspiring cyber security professionals and career changers alike can enter the field with confidence and competency.

To start, join us as we share tips and recommendations for learning cyber at every stage from basic comprehension to skills application.

Speaker Dr. Dan Manson will discuss:

  • Current landscape of cyber workforce (from the skills gap to diverse work roles)

  • Where to start learning about cyber security (resources, tools, experiences)

  • How to develop the technical and hands-on skills needed for any cyber job

What You’ll Learn

  • How to find resources for learning cyber at any knowledge-level

  • Where to develop basic and advanced cyber skills using digital and on-demand platforms

  • How to develop a holistic cyber skill set to impress prospective employers

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