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What Does a Soldier-Artist Have in Common with Cyber Security Education?

By Angela Shugarts • Posted 10 months ago


Cyber security is the practice of defending all online aspects of daily life. Areas like work, school, government, healthcare, shopping, entertainment, and more — all rely on technology. To those who work to defend the digital parts of our daily lives, you must be prepared to always learn and improve; and we believe it starts with the right perspective.

You can only fight the way you practice. – Miyamoto Musashi, famous Japanese soldier-artist

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Our inspiration comes from the legendary Miyamoto Musashi who was a famous Japanese soldier-artist. He built an amazing career starting at the age of 13! His philosophy was that to become the best, you must 

Interesting. Sure. But you might be wondering,

“How the heck does this relate to cyber security?”

Miyamoto, understood that being a great solider was not something he could obtain by watching others. He had to grab his weapon, get into the ring, and work. Sometimes he got bruised and beaten. But, he was on a journey to get better and better.

Like being a solider preparing for battle, a cyber security professional is a warrior in the fight against cyber security attacks and breaches. Being a cyber security warrior is a hands-on profession that cannot be learned by watching someone else. You must get into the ring and practice just like a soldier preparing for battle!

Think of Project Ares as the practice field and its learning exercises are your weapons. With a click of a link, you have a simulated secure cyber range that allows you to fine-tuneyour combat skills in a realistic environment.

We are working with cyber security educators who understand Miyamoto’s and Project Ares’ philosophy.

Example: Practical cyber experience in higher education

The School of Technology at

After teaching over 70 students using Project Ares experiential labs, Dr. James Barker, the course instructor said, “Short of some form of internship as a cybersecurity engineer at an employer location – which is not a viable option for most adult learners – I cannot envision a better means of exposing learners to ‘real world’ security work.”

Example: Practical cyber application for industry certification

Recently Circadence and its partner Michael Kaplan, Director and Cyber Security Instructor at 

  • 100% of the respondents would use Project Ares again to learn other cyber skills
  • 100% of the respondents reported Project Ares made learning more engaging
  • 99% of the respondents found benefit using Project Ares labs as training tools for future internships and jobs

Example: Practical cyber training on the job

At Circadence, we look for innovative ways to expand on the realism within Project Ares. In partnership with the Microsoft Digital Security and Risk Engineering (DSRE) organization, we’ve been exploring hands-on training activities specifically with the M365 Security toolset. DSRE is the global team responsible for keeping all Microsoft data secure and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations. With them, we created a technical, hands-on training program, called 

To-date over 700 Microsoft technical IT staff have participated in the 

True-to-life teaching and training for work readiness


At Circadence we encourage putting practice and application to your all passions! If you are a cyber security instructor by day, then 

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