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New Resource Center Delivers Online Support for Project Ares Cyber Labs

By Angela Shugarts • Posted 10 months ago


The cyber security industry is fundamentally about helping people and companies stay safe online. That is a high calling but one that Circadence takes to heart when we help educators add realistic, immersive, and hands-on cyber security labs to their courses. With a little bit of latitude, we paraphrased a famous John F. Kennedy quote to help guide us.

Ask not what your customers can do for you, ask what you can do for your customers.

We are delighted to announce the availability of the Project Ares Resource Center at . It is a one-stop location for a wealth of information and help about Project Ares.

Getting Started is home to quick introduction videos for Players and Trainers.

Cyber Curriculum Guide is descriptions of the Project Ares cyber labs. Plus customers with paid subscriptions will have access to additional details to assist in curriculum alignment and course planning.

Support is an all-in-one location for account management, a knowledge base of support material, and contact to the Customer Support team.

Information Hub is home to webinars and written material about cyber security and cyber education.

Blog is our library of Circadence blogs.

News is our library of press coverage about Project Ares.

Frequently Asked Questions covers many aspects of Project Ares

Product Updates is home to information about improvements.

In addition to the online Resource Center, Circadence staffs two teams of people to help our customers.

From the moment a new subscription is set up, you’ll meet your Circadence Customer Success Manager who will help you to maximize the investment you’ve made with Project Ares labs and cyber security education technology.

Customer Success includes help and guidance to:

  • On-board and learn the platform
  • Understand the labs that Project Ares offers and assist in mapping them to lesson plans or syllabi
  • Answer questions about everything from usability to upgrades
  • Connect to Customer Support when product issues need to be resolved

The other resource available to customers is the Customer Support Team. They are profiled here  to describe their focus on problem resolution.

Online or in-person, Circadence strives to provide our customers with the resources needed to use Project Ares effectively and efficiently. Thank you to all the organizations who have made Project Ares part of their approach to hands-on cyber education. We will continue to support you as you make the online world a safer place to be.

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