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New Project Ares Website Has Arrived!

By Alvin Onyilofor • Posted 3 months ago


Teaching and learning with Project Ares is now a website click away! 💻 We’re pleased to announce the website. 📣 The NEW place for learning about hands-on cybersecurity labs. 🙌🏼

Ready to explore the new website?

Explore the new website(opens new window)
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Project Ares by Circadence® is an award-winning cybersecurity learning environment that delivers hands-on labs that enhance competency-based training and education.

This new website features updated branding, easier navigation, and a comprehensive Cyber Learning Catalog . Scenarios can now be searched 🔍 and filtered by NICE Framework competencies and scenario types, making it easier to identify the best cybersecurity labs that will align to your teaching and training goals. 🙌🏼

At , you will learn:

How Project Ares improves cyber education with a new and improved Student Progress Dashboard 📈

Allowing instructors to track the students’ progress; enabling the instructors to quickly see which students need extra help.

How gamified learning engages students with interactive elements like 🎮

  • chat
  • ranking systems like leaderboards
  • and rewards like experience pointsThese components allow students to apply what they know to simulated environments, creating a natural “flow” that keeps them engaged and focused.

How Project Ares scenarios map to the NICE Framework 🙌🏼

Instructors can align curriculum and labs to work-role specific teaching to better prepare students to enter the workforce with competency and confidence.

Some of the new Project Ares exercises are organized into assessment paths across 5 work roles: Cyber Defense Analyst, Cyber Defense Infrastructure Specialist, Threat/Warning Analyst, System Security Analyst, and Team Lead.

Got feedback on the website? 👉🏽 Send it to: .

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Project Ares is designed and built by Circadence®.

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