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Living our Mission:  Delivering Exceptional Customer Support

By Angela Shugarts • Posted over 1 year ago


In the world of SaaS software, B2B customers have high expectations.

64% find the customer experience more important than price when purchasing something1

67% say the standard for good experiences is higher than it’s ever been2

80% confirm that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services3

At Circadence, our intrepid Customer Support organization incorporates these expectations and statistics into their everyday mission as they deliver timely and professional support to Project Ares users worldwide. If they had a theme song, it would be I’ll Be There For You (The Rembrandts – Friends TV theme song).

Meet the Team

“Customer Support” can be interpreted in many ways. At Circadence, the Customer Support team is the first line of contact for all users after they have on-boarded and started to use our hands-on cyber learning platform, Project Ares. Have a usability question? Need to report a problem? Have ideas and suggestions for features? Want to ensure that cache is set to support a class or event? One contact form or email to can be used for any and all of these inquiries.

Responsiveness is the goal

When a support ticket or case comes in, it is logged and the clock begins. While our published Support Hours are 7 am – 7 pm Eastern Time, Monday – Friday, the team generally acknowledges all cases within 24 hours of receipt AND approximately 78% are usually acknowledged within 2 hours inclusive of licensed customers and trial users. We are proud that our small but mighty customer support team has this kind of track record when some of the biggest SaaS companies in the industry deliver 1-2 day response times unless premier service is purchased.

received excellent Customer Support from Angela even though we are not a full customer yet. Her professionalism was exceptional as she provided quick and complete technical answers in a timely manner before and even during a checkpoint call. ~ a Trial User

Problem Resolution is the purpose

More important than acknowledgement of course, is case resolution. The Circadence Customer Support team shines here as well. Using thoughtfully designed processes, investigative know-how, and clear communications internally as well as to our clients, Customer Support researches and resolves cases. A key technique is shared accountability. Whoever is on duty works all the Open Cases to make incremental and steady progress. The mindset across the team is “Does a customer need help? If so, I’m working on it.” This approach has proven so effective that Time-To-Resolution rates dropped by over 50% in just one quarter.

Cait is wonderfully thorough in the support she provides to us. She even identified ancillary information to an open issue and then completely researched, tested, and clearly communicated the resolution to us. We really appreciate her competence and completeness of support on a regular basis. ~ a long term Project Ares Customer

Appreciation is the result

Recently, our Customer Support Manager instituted a new metric to track Re-opened Cases, expecting to collect data to help improve the quality of service. To her delight, she found that a high percentage of re-opened cases were not because that case needed more work. It was, more often than not, a Project Ares customer taking time to say Thank You for the help, communication, and resolution they received. And that is the best metric of a job well done.

Continual improvement is critical

The Circadence Customer Support Team is now taking their knowledge and know-how and helping to create material for an online, on demand help and resource center at Launching in 4Q 2020, this new website will provide self-service tools for Project Ares customers.

But the customer support team isn’t going anywhere when the online center becomes available. They will continue to support each and every user case as they always have – quickly, completely and friendly. Contact the team with this form or email to

To Amanda, Angela, Nick, Cait, and Jesse ~

THANK YOU for your dedication and hard work on behalf of all Circadence Project Ares customers.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

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