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Developing Your Cyber Career Year-Round

By Angela Shugarts • Posted about 1 year ago


There is no shortage of jobs in the cyber security industry.

Webinar – Circadence spoke with Dr. Dan Manson on Kickstarting a Cyber Career . During the webinar, Dr. Manson shared a lot of useful information to students or job-changers looking to break into the cyber security industry. During this webinar you will learn more about…

  • The current landscape of cyber workforce (from the skills gap to diverse work roles)
  • Where to start learning about cyber security (resources, tools, experiences)
  • How to develop the technical and hands-on skills needed for any cyber job

In addition, there is also a webinar with Michael Kaplan from Phase2 Advantage on

Forbes – Michael Moniz, CEO of Circadence has a long-standing history in cyber security and gaming industries. He provides useful tips in this recent article on how to network, advance your cyber skills and summit your cyber career in his latest Forbes article.

ColoradoBiz Magazine – Cyber marketing expert Leeann Ryder shares her insight on tools and tips to use when kickstarting your cyber career in a ColoradoBiz Magazine article . She shares specific online resources to utilize when building a cyber career, ways to increase skill level, and how to measure career progression against industry standards.

Whether you are a student, a newbie to the cyber industry, or thinking about switching your career to cyber security, the above resources will help you get started.

If you’re looking for a cyber raining curriculum that focuses on teaching knowledge, skills and abilities, check out a free trial of Circadence’s gamified cyber security training with Project Ares.

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