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Circadence Teams up with MD5 to Support T9Hacks Event at CU Boulder

By Angela Shugarts • Posted over 4 years ago



Feb 10th-11th

Major League Hacking opens its 2018 Season at the University of Colorado Boulder with T9Hacks, February 10-11, 2018.

Welcome to 24 hours of research, learning, designing, building and solving. With no experience required, T9Hacks is an event planned by college students, for college students, and focuses on creating a unique and engaging venue for women, non-binary, and other gender minority students. With three tracks to explore, participants will attend workshops and compete in challenges around creative technology, humanitarian technology, or cybersecurity.

The cybersecurity track, presented by MD5 , is open to students at all levels of cyber proficiency. Via Circadence’s Project Ares®, attendees will work individually or in teams to learn the basics, hone their skills, explore cybersecurity job roles, and execute simulated mission scenarios.

  • Part 1: Warm-up. Dive head first into Project Ares. This portion of the event will feature minigames and battle rooms, and is structured to introduce core concepts, present hands-on tasks, and expose students to the real-world tools and virtualized networks that cybersecurity professionals engage with for day-to-day operations.

[Saturday, February 10th from 12:00p-8:00p]

  • Part 2: Dig in. With the basics covered, the challenge heats up. Phase two of the cybersecurity track looks to continue developing students’ ideas and proficiency through further work role-based activities and an emphasis on end-to-end problem solving. Virtual environments will replicate real-life cyber scenarios and threats, allowing students to interact with processes and tools as they execute mission objectives.

[Saturday, February 10th 8:00p to Sunday, February 11th 12:00p]

“Our goal is to create fun and creative environments where marginalized students – particularly women and non-binary students – can learn and solve compelling problems,” said B.A. Kos, T9Hacks Event Director.

Circadence’s Project Ares

Project Ares, the only gamified, artificial intelligence (AI) powered cyber training solution, changes the paradigm for cybersecurity education by engaging learners interested in or pursuing a STEM-focused path by utilizing real-world tools and tactics in immersive, virtual environments.

Project Ares’ virtual gaming environment adapts to the experiential learning style of next generation students, and supports customized, task-oriented training, skill-specific games, and mission scenarios for both individual and team-based exercises. This approach encourages the repetition necessary to develop lasting skill and knowledge retention, while keeping students excited and engaged.

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