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Celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month (and Beyond!)

By Angela Shugarts • Posted over 1 year ago


Every fall, businesses and organizations direct their attention to participate in National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which has taken place every October for the past 17 years under leadership from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and National Cyber Security Alliance. It’s an important time to reflect on how cyber security impacts our lives both personally and professionally, as well as from business and operational perspectives. It’s also a time to take action, to intentionally alter behavior to improve your cyber security practices and behaviors for the better. What’s unique about this year is the level of attention cyber security is garnering, primarily because of how much our professional working environments have shifted due to the pandemic and requirements to work remotely have increased; the result has been heightened concerns for cyber safety and best practices to protect organizations . This year, Circadence is extending its motto of ‘cyber security for all’ by focusing on the value of cyber education and training at the core of that philosophy.

Whether you’re a cyber professional wanting to partake in the virtual festivities of the month or simply looking to improve your own cyber security knowledge and skills , Circadence is offering a variety of resources to stay up to speed. To make it easy, we’re aligning our resources to the themed weeks of the month so you can follow along and create your own cyber learning journey one day at a time.

Week of October 5 (Week 1): If You Connect It, Protect It

  • Learn the basics of network security by playing a trial version of NexAgent , a prototype learning experience by Circadence. Simply click through to the demo page and scroll down to the “Try More Games” section to start playing.
  • The award-winning network exploration game combines teaching objectives with cyber subjects and even droids to facilitate player engagement so learning is interactive. Players can perform common remediations and solve network security challenges by taking the role of a first-person operator in the game.
  • Learn cyber culture, history, terms, and practices with Trivia Loot: A Jepoardy-style trivia game to test your cyber knowledge. Simply click through to the demo page and scroll down to the “Try More Games” section to start playing, learning and having fun doing it!

Week of October 12 (Week 2): Securing Devices at Home and Work

  • With work and home environments practically one in the same in these days for distance learning and remote work, everyone needs to take extra precautions to secure their work/personal devices. Start by understanding if you’ve already been breached with our handy Breach Checker . Simply enter your email address (work and personal) to see if you’ve been compromised in any way. Then, take steps to harden your digital identity immediately.

Week of October 19 (Week 3): Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare

  • Perhaps the focus on healthcare was intentional this year given the health crisis the world is facing right now, but it is certainly apropos because the industry is incredibly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Much of it is because of the complexity of the industry itself: layers of health-related organizations and entities, each dedicated to making access to healthcare and services, insurance, and support easier for patients—which usually means digitizing records. Learn how to equip your cyber team with the skills needed to stop healthcare-related threats by reading our healthcare white paper .

Week of October 26 (Week 4): The Future of Connected Devices

  • With the rate and pace of technology, we will see an increase in interconnected devices within the next year and into the foreseeable future. This means IT and cyber security professionals will need keep their skills sharp against sophisticated attackers who find new ways to exploit data every day. Circadence’s Project Ares cyber range learning platform uses gamified elements and real virtual machines to spin up life-like environments that test professional’s knowledge, skills, and abilities of various cyber scenarios so training is as real-life as it gets. Play a free trial of a scenario now to see and feel it for yourself.

We hope these week-by-week education and training options contribute to your cyber learning objectives and ignite an interest in enacting persistent cyber learning year-round—not just during National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

To create a consistent learning schedule for yourself, check out our regular monthly webinars (both live and on-demand), content library, and blog posts and be sure to follow us on Facebook , Twitter , and LinkedIn throughout the month of October for additional insights into cyber security awareness and learning.

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