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Prepare Government Defenders with Hands-On Cyber Range Training

Our Project Ares® cyber training platform can be purchased with GSA or P-Card. We work with government defense ministries and agencies to support cyber readiness efforts and cyber

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scenario based learning

Scenario-Based Learning

Cyber operators build fundamental and specialty skills with scenario-based activities that equip and empower their professional objectives.

specialty work roles

Train for Specialty Work Roles

Use Project Ares scenarios to assign cyber operators specific work role activities to educate them on proper mission response.

evaluate trainee abilities

Evaluate Trainee's Abilities

Trainer View and reports help team leads evaluate trainee progress against established Cyber Command Standards so they are empowered to meet and exceed program requirements.

Project Ares Cyber Learning
with Government Defense Sector

Hear from our customers

With Project Ares, a well-known government organization found a cost-effective cyber learning solution to support joint, multi-service force training efforts, augment cyber curriculum development and help them achieve their goals.
  • European Defense Ministry
I was looking for a cloud training incident response training environment and Project Ares met our requirements to train individually and come together as a team.
  • Warren Burgess, Wyoming

Customer Success Story

How a Government Defense Ministry used Coordinated Cyber Training to Counter Imminent Threats, Develop Operator Skills

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