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Gamified learning excites and engages students

What is it? Gamified learning borrows the framework, reward systems, and progression methods from gaming and applies them to learning.

So What?! When gamified elements like leaderboards, progression-tracking, and chat collaboration are available in cyber education, instructors will see:

  • Strengthened learning outcomes
  • Improved knowledge retention and memory recall
  • Elevated participation as students genuinely enjoy the learning experience

That’s a win for instructors and a win for students!

Playback & Hints

Evaluate skills! Session playback shows scenario activity and used hints so users can figure out where to focus. World-class athletes record practices and analyze their skills and performance – you can too.

For students

Drive your own learning journey! Indicators of scenario performance highlight your strengths and help you know where to improve.

For instructors

Project Ares playback and hint systems help you focus on areas where students need the most help.

Experience points

Level up! Collect experience points, accumulate skill badges, earn Mission coins. See the benefits of time spent improving cybersecurity skills.

player badges

For students

Celebrate your success! The XP and badges symbolize your hard work to build cybersecurity skills.

For instructors

Use skill badges and Mission coin achievements to understand student progress with assignments.


Go the Distance! Friendly competition sparks motivation to work harder. Project Ares leaderboards are real-time displays of learning progress across a community of cybersecurity practitioners.

leaderboard for players

For students

Where are you in the leaderboard and are you happy with your position? If not, keep working in the scenarios to reach your highest potential.

For instructors

See cohort, team or class progress at-a-glance so you can tailor your lesson plans to the rate and pace of student growth.

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Project Ares is designed and built by Circadence®.

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