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Cyber Learning Games

Build cybersecurity skills in captivating game experiences.

Perfect your understanding of the basics. Master entry-level cybersecurity concepts with fun, arcade style games that teach the cybersecurity intrusion kill chain, ports and protocol, regular expression techniques, and more.


Cybersecurity learning games academic platform solitaire

Crack the code and open the vault. Number system conversion is an important skill for cybersecurity professionals responsible for collecting, maintaining, protecting and/or analyzing various types of data.

  • Choose the numerical base for the displayed IP address and select a different numerical base as the combination to open the vault.
  • A tutorial on base conversion is included.


Learn cybersecurity threat intelligence concepts via the kill chain framework.

From organization preparedness, to incident management, to forensics and penetration testing, all cybersecurity professionals need to understand the phases of the kill chain. Blue teams strive to stop it and red teams employ it.

  • Loosely based on Solitaire, cards align to phases in anintrusionkill chain, representing attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).
  • Progressive levels remove supporting information and hints increasing the challenge to remember the kill chain intrinsically


Build cybersecurity qualifications of basic terms and concepts and explore the skills and knowledge needed for specific cybersecurityroles.

This multiple-choice quiz format provides feedback to each answer and additional information to expand learning

Port Flow

Cybersecurity ports and protocols.

Ports and protocols are fundamental aspects of network communications. Understanding their interconnection is key to cybersecurity preparedness.

Players draw connections between the correct port and protocol while using each square in the puzzle.


Cybersecurity incident response, improve analysis skills through regular expression techniques.

Pattern analysis is the process of finding general relationships in a set of data and is a critical tool cybersecurity for many practitioners.

  • This fast-paced, pattern-recognition game uses regular expressions to identify attacking robots and avoid hurting humans.
  • Get started with basic tasks to manipulate and match strings. Then advance to special character classes, grouping, and anchors.
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Trivia Loot

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Jump into all things cybersecurity with a reverse answer-to-question, flashcard approach to learning a variety of topics. Standard categories include the intrusion kill chain, attacks, and infamous hackers. Recently added categories include network services, network investigations, and malware triage.