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Reimagine your classroom cyber lab experience

Project Ares® delivers fun student learning through personal cyber range practice labs.

New skills learned transfer directly to the workplace.

Case Studies
Gamified cyber learning cybersecurity education platform

Practical experience
right in the classroom

Realistic network environments and hands-on tasks enable iterative learning.

Windows Fundamental:
Command Line

Explore a Windows 10 virtual machine through the native Windows command shell as you learn to manipulate the Windows filesystem.

Network Traffic

Use Kali Linux and Wireshark to analyze network traffic packets to discover traffic origins and identify credentials in the clear, document exfiltration, and database activity.


Use Windows 10 with Autopsy and Ophcrack tools to uncover the necessary evidence to support a case of network intrusion.

Immersive | Gamified | Engaging
Cyber Range Practice Labs

Project Ares gaming elements with immersive cyber realism

Help is available
even when the instructor isn’t

Built-in hints support every task. No one gets stuck.

Friendly Competition sparks motivation

See progress at-a-glance with Leaderboards.

Tailor lesson plans to the rate and pace of student achievement.

Rewind and review
with session playback

Review what worked and what didn’t go so well during the lab.

Know where to focus and improve next time.

Project Ares session playback

Get captivated
Cyber Learning Games

Basic cybersecurity concepts are energized through robot, cipher, logic grid, and flash card game experiences.

Schedule a Consultation

Let’s talk and find the best cybersecurity practice labs for your classroom needs.

Invigorate your lesson plan through add-on cyber practice labs that complement your instructor-led teaching.

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