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Teaching cybersecurity is within reach.

Project Ares® offers realistic scenarios wrapped in gamification! It is the preferred platform for teaching and training institutions worldwide, backed by comprehensive offensive and defensive cybersecurity labs. All we need is YOU, the instructor, to make teaching cybersecurity within reach for your students.

Case Studies
Gamified cyber learning cybersecurity education platform

We combine gaming elements with immersive cyber realism. New skills transfer directly to the workplace.

Project Ares gaming elements with immersive cyber realism

Practical experience right in the classroom.

Project Ares realistic network environments

Realistic network environments and hands-on tasks enable iterative learning.

Help is available even when the instructor isn’t.

Your score:
How it’s calculated:
  • 100
  • (Hints viewed)


Let’s imagine you are learning about responding to a phishing attack, and need a little help to move forward. Check out “Hint 1” to see how Project Ares’ hint system works.

Hint 1FREE

Hint 2-10 points

Hint 3-10 points

Answer-10 points

Built-in hints support every task. No one gets stuck!

But hints do impact the score.

Students and teachers alike know where more instruction is needed.

Rewind and review with session playback.

See where you’ve been (and where you messed up). Know where to focus next.

Project Ares session playback

At a glance instructor dashboard.

Project Ares instructor dashboard

Track student progress through Project Ares learning scenarios.

New BETA feature. Feedback welcome!

Trusted by educational programs everywhere.

Project Ares labs are used in the virtual and in-person classroom to augment course instruction.

Project Ares skill bars network design

Level up with experience points and badges.

Practicing cyber skills is as familiar as fun and games.

Get captivated with cyber learning games.

Basic cybersecurity concepts are energized through robot, cipher, logic grid, and flash card game experiences.

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Teaching and team training in cybersecurity is within reach. Let's talk to find the best cybersecurity lab solution for your needs.

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Project Ares is designed and built by Circadence®.

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