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Keep it real with immersive cyber labs.

Project Ares® combines gaming elements with gritty cyber realism.

Intensify your cyber security sales, product training, and teaching with a hands-on experience.

Gamified cyber learning cybersecurity education platform


Cyber Security
Workshop Services

Accelerate security solution sales, product adoption, and workforce skilling.

Engage workshop participants in the tools and tradecraft of cyber security.

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Cyber Security
Classroom Labs

Invigorate a lesson plan through add-on cyber practice labs.

Motivate students to apply classroom concepts and practice skills.

The WOW Factor
Cyber range meets gamification

Project Ares media center

Project Ares engages and motivates with gaming elements like competition, scores, and badges.

It's Fun! And that's a win for everyone


Elevated participant enjoyment


Improved workshop interaction


Stronger knowledge retention

The Project Ares Experience


Equips with a personal cyber range


Educates on tactics and techniques


Empowers through hands-on activity


Elevates knowledge of cyber tools

Deliver hands-on immersion
with the Project Ares Experience.

Intensify your cyber security sales, product training, and teaching.

Cyber Security Workshop Services

Deliver more than a click-through demo

Cyber Security Classroom Labs

Complement instructor-lead learning

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Project Ares

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